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    SCC Drums by Signals Audio – over 1.5 GB of free acoustic drum samples


    Signals Audio has released SCC Drums, a free collection of acoustic drum samples weighting over 1.5 GB, previously sold on their site.

    SCC Drums contains 7 packs: Dirty Bird, JayMac, Kitty, LeSmack, Signals Drums 1, Space Wolf and The Craken.

    Pack features:

    • Creative Commons
    • 24 bit/44.1 khz
    • Great for Educational Use
    • Kontakt, Trigger and Drumagog Formats
    • Includes raw .wav samples
    • 5 Sets of Toms
    • 4 Kicks
    • 4 Snares
    • Mostly Unprocessed (except for EQ)
    • “Signals Drums 1″ is Pre-Processed
    • Tip: Add your own reverb to the room mics

    SCC Drums is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

    More info: SCC Drums by Signals Audio

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