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    TranceDrive VSTi Free Soundbank (128 presets)


    Tonius has announced the release of TranceDrive Free Soundbank, a collection of 128 presets for Yedey’s VST instrument plugin- TranceDrive.

    I have made a soundbank of 128 presets for Trancedrive free vst, in my opinion an underrated gem in the world of free vst-s. The possibility to turn on/of single modules makes it perfect for begginers to understand the basics of how synthesis works.

    Before playing with it i was just a preset addict , and it was after the first presets that i began to apprecciate enjoyble process of making your own sounds. Thanks to its creator Maik Menz.

    Demo track (all the sounds exept the kick and one top percussion loop come directly from the synth, unprocessed, even some modulations you may hear are internal to the synth):

    Demo track (single presets, only one instance used, no processing whatsoever was used):

    If you don’t have TranceDrive VSTi you can find more details and a download link here.

    Visit: Tonius on Soundcloud
    Download: TranceDrive free soundbank (128 presets)

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