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    H.G. Fortune’s ProtoPlasm TSM Pro VSTi – now free!


    H.G. Fortune has announced they set free ProtoPlasm TSM Pro, a pad & texture VST instrument synth for Windows, which comes with over 1,200 presets.

    Another Nearly Forgotten Gem by HGFortune added: ProtoPlasm TSM Pro now free!

    Tech specs:

    • three digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 150 different waveforms
    • each oscillator’s level can be modulated by different sources
    • adopted Transition System with 3 modes
    • Super Modulation for osc. and both filters
    • Filter-FM for both filters with adjustable sources from all osc.
    • Shape function for S&H seed source
    • one LP filter (24db Lowpass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
    • one HP filter (12db Hipass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
    • two shapeable LFO with patternlike waveforms (bpm-synced)
    • one shapeable standard LFO (bpm-synced)
    • one shapeable Sample & Hold with pattern (bpm-synced)
    • each LFO and S&H provide an additional Mix-out for mixed LFO-shapes
    • one ADSR EG for VCA
    • adjustable level for direct, LP and HP output with separate pan each
    • stereo-delay for PingPong effects (bpm-synced)
    • User-Waves for oscillators via Wav / SF2 files – in free version there’s only SF2 support for Osc1

    More info: H.G. Fortune (the plugin is located on H.G. Fortune freebies page on bottom)

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