We are happy to announce that we started a collaboration with Electronisounds- Sounds and Loops for Musicians Worldwide, an online store which has plenty of pro sample packs, MIDI collections, soundfonts, VST plugins etc for various musical genres like electro, trance, dubstep, breakbeat, funk, DnB and more.

They will provide us periodically free and exclusive high quality sample packs. Today we will share a collection of 75 drum loops- Ruff Dirty Beats.

Welcome to “Ruff Dirty Beats” from Electronisounds – an exclusive pack of free beats produced by JUNEBUG!

Included are 75 beats ranging in tempo from 100 – 150 bpm. Some words used to describe these beats:
Thick, ruff, phat & phunky, lo-fi, vinylistic, dope, poppin’, versatile and fresh.

Enjoy this free pack of beats and if you find them useful, please consider purchasing some sample libraries from Electronisounds.com

This sample pack is distributed by www.FLStudioMusic.com & Electronisounds EXCLUSIVELY. These original beats are 100% royalty free, you can use them in any of your music, commercial or otherwise – just not for the creation of ANY sample-based product for sale. Redistribution is prohibited!

Electronisounds is running a cool promo: purchase their brand new Drop The House sample pack (over 2,100 samples in total!!!) and you will receive another two packs for free: Trancidity and Junebug’s Solid Gold Beats!

More info:

Drop The House Sample Pack


Ruff Dirty Beats Free Sample Pack

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