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    Wav Tab Synth VSTi – wave table instrument


    Ph D(J) Music has released Wav Tab Synth, a wave table virtual instrument plugin created with SynthMaker CM. It is available only for Windows as VSTi plugin and standalone.

    Plugin features:

    • Two wave table oscillators with a variety of pre-loaded wave tables
    • Ability to load your own wave tables into both the oscillators and the LFOs
    • Each oscillator has its own LFO with selectable waveform and capable of loading your own wave table
    • LFOs route-able to filter Cutoff, Resonance, Pitch, and oscillator frequency and phase
    • Ability to add multiple oscillators and adjust “fatness” (detune) with Fattener Knob
    • Oscillator detuners with octave and fine adjustments
    • Individual oscillator amplifiers and mix adjustments
    • A noise oscillator with detune and bypass
    • Filter with low, high, bandpass, band reject and peaking filters
    • Filter envelope
    • Oscillator envelope
    • Chords and chorus effects
    • Waveform display with selectable range, sample size, and phosphor effect

    This plugin is available for free. It comes loaded with 38 presets. Perfect for creating sound effects, ambiances in dubstep, house, minimal etc.


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