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    Saw VSTi – saw wave synthesizer


    Samsara Cycle Audio has released Saw, a free VST instrument synthesizer instrument for Windows.

    Saw VSTi – saw wave synthesizer by Samsara Cycle Audio

    Main features:

    • 4 Pitch controls with selectable ‘feet’ switch in the range of 32′ 16′ 8′ 4′ 2′
    • Filter Section: Cutoff Resonance with individual level controls;
    • Filter Pass Mix Section: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Q settings;
    • Glide;
    • Mono / Poly Selector;
    • Filter and AMP section LFO Level Controls;
    • AMP and Filter Envelope Sections: Attack, Decay, Release, Sustain and Amount;
    • LFO Section – Selectable Host Sync Function;
    • Flanger effect: Speed, Phase, Feedback and Depth Controls;
    • Pitch Control;
    • Output Level Control;
    • Midi Learn.

    This plugin is available for free.


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