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    Jungle Jungle 1989 – 1999 Samplepack: over 650 samples by Blu Mar Ten


    British duo Blu Mar Ten has announced the release of Jungle Jungle: 1989 – 1999 Samplepack, a free collection of  chops (hits, breaks, basses, pads etc) taken from their record collection.

    This pack is made up of samples taken from tracks in our record collection. It started as a bit of fun to kill time in between proper music work and suddenly became quite large, so it seemed a shame not to share it.
    These are not some secret special sounds only available to ‘jungle legends’. Anyone with the tracks and some time to waste could have made this pack. 

    Pack specifications:

    • Size: 390mb
    • Contents: 650+ breaks, basses, pads, riffs, hits, vocals & FX
    • Format: All samples taken from vinyl or CD and saved as 16bit WAVs.
    • No mp3s were involved at any point in the process.
    • All samples are cropped & normalized.
    • The earliest sample in the pack is from 1989 and the latest is from 1999.

    This pack is only for personal releases, all rights remain with the original creators of the samples. If you use these samples for commercial purposes you need to seek the appropriate clearance.


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