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    BlueArp VST arpeggiator by Oleg Mikheev


    Oleg Mikheev (GrayWolf on KVR Forums) has announced the release of BlueArp, a MIDI arpeggiator VST plugin for Windows. Suitable for electronic and trance music.

    Yet tested it only in FL Studio.
    Important points:

    • arp starts playing only whrn the sequencer is running, otherwise just passes the notes thru
    • to make it work, it’s midi out should be connected to either VST or hardware synth
    • drag the control (blue box with value) up or down to adjust the value
    • you can use parameter “input range” for keyboard-split performances¬†¬†

    Demo video:

    This arpeggiator is available at no cost on KVR Audio forums.

    More info: BlueArp VST arpeggiator

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