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    200 Free Dubstep Samples and Loops by Ghosthack


    This one is from 2011 but it might be useful for all you dubstep freaks out there.

    Two sample packs created by Ghosthack, a total of 200 samples and loops for dubstep, dub and liquid.

    First pack:

    • 7 Kicks / Bassdrums Samples;
    • 11 Basslines;
    • 11 Snares / Claps;
    • 12 FX Sounds;
    • 12 Hats;
    • 23 Drum Loops;
    • 17 Pads;
    • 7 Percussions;
    • 100 samples total.

    Second pack:

    • 6 Bassdrums;
    • 12 Basslines;
    • 3 DnB Loops;
    • 22 Drum Loops;
    • 6 FX Sounds;
    • 6 Glitch Sounds;
    • 6 Hats;
    • 23 Pads;
    • 5 Percussions;
    • 11 Snares/Claps;
    • 100 samples total.

    All samples are royalty free. The loops are at 140 BPM.

    More info & download:

    200 free dubstep samples and loops by Ghosthack

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    1. If it is that hard for you people to find a download link then I highly doubt you are capable of creating anything meaningful with these samples, soo…

    2. if people could be clear in helping others people would be able to get these sounds. To download the files, Click on the “more info” button, Pick the one you want, Scroll down, type in your email. The link will be sent to your email. Enjoy :D Thank you trolls….but i like helping people.

      • At “More Info & Download”, it contains a link. I just realized it has been a year and a half since you asked LOL.

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