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    Roland U-220/ U-20 Drum & FX Samples


    Martin78 has announced the release of Roland U-220/ U-20 Drum & FX Samples, a pack featuring sounds recorded from the Roland u-220 rompler module which is a rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard.

    Absolutely FREE, drum & fx samples from my Roland u-220 rompler module from 1989. It is rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard.
    Provided sample pack includes additional latin and fx sounds from expansion card number 2. It contains all drum and fx samples with different pitches, effects off, long decay and relase set. Samples were originally recorded at 24bit 48khz by Motu 2408 mk2 interface, then denoised (removed few db of noise floor) and converted to 16bit.

    Pack specifications:

    • 267 samples (kicks, snares, cymbals, hihats, percussions and more);
    • 16 Bit WAV format;
    • free to use in personal & commercial projects;
    • re-distribution is not allowed without permission.


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