WOK has released Superfake, a free VST effect plugin which makes any simple synthesizer saw wave to sound like the famous RolandTM SupersawTM.

Your favourite synth(-plugin) does not have the sound of the famous Roland™ Supersaw™? This audio effect will fake it for you!

Place it behind you synth in the audio chain or route any other signal thru it. When feeded with a saw wave, the output will sound like a Superwave. But every other signal will also do it. Superfake is more than a chorus. It delivers six detuned voices, which can be spread in the stereo field. The amount of detuning can be adjusted for a wide range of applications.

Main features:

  • carefully modeled detune values to emulate the famous Superwave sound.
  • adustable stereo spread.
  • full stereo signal path.
  • variable detune and effect mix for many purposes.

The free version has a nagscreen at startup which can be removed with a small donation.

More info: Superfake VST

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