Derek Buddemeyer, a KVR Forum member, has released a collection of over 8000 samples and loops, from one shots to synth loops created with various vintage synthesizers.

Okay guys…I’ve had an unfortunate turn of events here lately and times are kind of rough. I don’t know when I’ll be back on again, so I am leaving with a “bang”…and a big one! I shall return…but in the meanwhile I am giving you all access to my huge sample library of drum hits, kits, whacks, taps…anything you could want is here! A lifetime of drum and synth samples.

These are yours to do with as you will…enjoy them and have fun….run them in your favorite DAW, iOS device (Nanostudio, Beatmaker 1 and 2, MusicStudio…whatever..)

The collection is split in downloadable folders and hosted on SkyDrive. Simply explore the folders and download what you need/ like.
The samples are free to use in any production, but remember, small donations are appreciated by the author! The Paypal address is [email protected].


More info: visit this forum thread
Download: Over 8000 samples by Derek Buddemeyer

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