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    Orange Chorus VST by One Small Clue


    One Small Clue has released Orange Chorus, a free chorus VST effect, one from a series of free plugins, inspired by the Kjaerhus Classic series.

    My goal was to create a clear chorus effect that could be used to thicken or blur synth parts or vocals. I’m fairly happy with the plugin so far. Depending on the feedback I might tweak the chorus algorithms a bit more. I’m not sure about the all knob GUI design. I think it makes for an attractive overall layout, but perhaps switches would better represent the functionality of the MODE and SHAPE parameters.  

    Orange Chorus has three chorus algorithms:

    • Type A mixes the dry signal with one chorus voice;
    • Type B mixes the dry signal with two chrous voices;
    • Type C mixes the dry signal with four chorus voices. 

    More info: Orange Chorus VST

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