Subtersonic has released Black Swamp Tambourine, a free sample pack featuring samples recorded from a 10” diameter Black Swamp tambourine.

Remember seeing that band where the singer was haphazardly bashing on their hip a plastic circle with thin steel jingles? This is my response to that and my vision of what a tambourine should really sound like. You may be asking, “Tambourine? That’s lame, why bother?” Well, I hope to show with these samples the nuance and charm of this instrument that is underestimated. Use it for orchestral scoring, ethnic/ world beats, or to spice up your rhythm tracks with a new sound.

There are several levels of velocity: dry, shake roll, shell pound,  standard hit, thumb roll, staccato thumb roll, zill spin, zill click, head slap, doum and tek.

The samples are in WAV format, a mapper for Shortcircuit is included too. The collection is royalty free.

More info: Black Swamp Tambourine

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