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    The Sounds Of Chi #01 – transitions and SFX


    Our Soundcloud FLStudioMusic Group member Chi Recordings has announced the release of The Sounds Of Chi #01, an awesome freeware pack featuring various sound effects/ transitions/ syncopated loops. These sounds were designed by artists like Fine Cut Bodies, AMB, headshotboyz, iamyank, tshabee and more. All artists are under the Chi Recordings label, a label which celebrates the 10th anniversary this year.

    Download this mixture of SoundDesign effects from the Chi Crew… and use it in your next production for your pleasure! Looking forward to hear your creations!


    Visit Chi Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook

    On our Soundcloud Group we already have 608 members and 1230 tracks! It became a huge success, a great way to be heard. Why don’t you join us?

    Download: The Sounds Of Chi #01

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