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    Pterosaur VSTi updated to version 2


    Contralogic has updated Pterosaur, a 16 oscillator VSTi synth inspired by the classic Supersaw sound of the Roland JP-8000.

    It’s a bit of a blast from the past, but I updated Pterosaur with poly mode that a few people have asked for and also added a couple of other features.

    CPU usage isn’t great in polyphonic mode – but hopefully the average PC can cope with it a bit better than when I made the original version (7 years ago!)

    Polyphonic mode added, more LFO shapes and 3 additional oscillator waveforms are available (sine, triangle and square), all of which can be morphed in the same way as the sawtooth wave in the original version.

    Pterosaur is available as freeware on Contralogic.

    More info: Pterosaur VSTi

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