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    Clayton 3 Udu Soundfont


    Project16 has released a free soundfont featuring sounds recorded from a Clayton 3 udu percussion instrument.

    Clayton 3 Udu Soundfont

    A friend sampled his udu (Clayton 3) and my I have to create the sound cast iron in the size(format) .sf2.
    The purpose was to have a minimum of levels of swiftness (layers) and a maximum also to a small-sized (short) sound cast iron (3.47 Mb).
    All in all it in 87 samples in 44.100 kHz – 16 bits. 

    This soundfont is available as freeware on KVR Audio forums and is hosted on Mediafire.

    (On Project16 blog you can also download a free and simple soundfont player, a acoustic guitar VSTi and a bass VSTi. Click here for more info.)

    More info: Clayton 3 Udu Soundfont

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