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    Fuzpilz Oatmeal Dance – 128 free presets for Oatmeal VSTi


    Oro Sounds has released Fuzpilz Oatmeal dance presets, a collection of presets for Oatmeal VSTi. The presets are split in two parts and they are totally free (the plugin too!).

    Oatmeal only holds 64 slots, and I made 128, so this first bank has 64 presets consisting of Basses, Chords, and a few FX. The other 64 Leads and Synths should be along shortly. Make sure to try out the MW routings. Oatmeal is a fascinating synth; a boon as freeware, but it requires time to get comfortable with. – save time with these presets geared towards dance sounds.

    The presets are free, like the synth. We are fortunate to have such magical noisemakers available, so enjoy them. If you make millions with them, at least put me in the liner notes please, or mention me by name in Rolling Stone when you are interviewed. Thanks. It’s good for morale.

    If you don’t have Oatmeal VSTi installed, please click here for different versions, skins and tons of presets.

    Download Fuzpilz Oatmeal dance presets part 1
    Download Fuzpilz Oatmeal dance presets part 2

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