Solicito Musica has released  EmulTuition, a free FM-VA VST instrument synthesizer for Windows. It comes with 128 high quality (and usable!) various presets.

EmulTuition is an FM (to Oscillators and Filters) and Subtractive Synthesizer. It has useful parameters to emulate typical sounds and instruments and to create new sounds (acoustic, dance, pads, animal, industrial, etc.). Several parameters are modulated by the key velocities and key notes, which increases the naturalness and expressiveness of each created preset.


  • 4 Oscillators.
  • 4 selectable effects routing.
  • 3 Envelopes with own delay.
  • Attack velocity-dependent.
  • Envelope Fade key-dependent (to make transitions across the keyboard)
  • Decay and Release key-dependent (for example, to emulate the behavior of natural plucked strings, which shortens the decay at the highest notes, and extend it on the lower notes)
  • Adjustable Volume Accentuation from Pitch wheel and Modulation wheel.

Download: EmulTuition VSTi

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