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    QX24 equalizer effect VST


    J1000 has  released QX24, a freeware equalizer effect VST plug-in for Windows.

    QX24 v1.0 is one half equalizer, other half exciter. It is authentic design and there are just few other plugins that offer comparable functions without getting too complicated. Using it properly you’ll be able to accent parts of spectrum where instrument’s character resides making it more prominent, while gently reducing remaining frequencies that often clutter the mix.

    QX24 features

    • 2 parametric band-pass filters that get processed through waveshapers (LF & HF).
    • Each filter has dedicated drive control that adjusts amount of applied effect.
    • Mix control for blending LF and HF signal.
    • Mix control for blending dry and wet signal.
    • Solo button that monitors only wet signal at maximum level.
    • All knobs are continuous, allowing fine adjustments of each control.
    • 32-bit internal processing and support for most common sample rates.


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