Osiris Synths has released Osiris Predator, a free soundbank for Rob Papen’s Predator- vitrual synth instrument.

Predator never ceases to amaze me. It can sound like a Moog or a Juno, just a dirty analog synth. The only non-Predator sound is the kick, and nothing except a Leveling Amp on the master was used as effects. The last couple of presets were done with the Preset mangler (since my hearing started going wonky), but it was a lot of fun and something I hope Rob and the Concrete guys put in Blade soon.

Some free presets for the awesome Rob Papen Predator at the bottom of the page for free download. The file is named Osiris Predator. Enjoy!

Demo track:

The presets are available for free download on Osiris Synths’ page. In order to download scroll down his page.


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