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    Molot VST compressor updated to version 0.3


    vladg/sound has has released an updated version of its Molot, a free compressor VST effect plugin for Windows and Mac OS X.

    Changes in version 0.3:

    • VU-meter calibrated for -18 dBFS, 300 ms.
    • By clicking on triangle in the bottom left corner now all parameter values
      are shown. To increase value use the right mouse button. To decrease value
      use the left mouse button.
    • Automatic “Oversampling” parameter correction in presets when the project
      uses high sample rates (the value goes proportionally smaller).
    • Choosen language now saving.
    • Ability to save current settings as “Default” preset parameters by button
      “Save as Default”.
    • New parameters:
      .  “Sd.chain”   – sidechain commutation:
      .     “Internal”  – use inputs 1 and 2 (as usual)
      .     “External”  – use external stereo sidechain (inputs 3 and 4)
      .   “A, R Time” – attack and release times multiplier:
      .     “1:1″       – use times specified (as usual)
      .     “1/10,1:1″  – attack time 10 times smaller
      .     “1:1,1/10″  – release time 10 times smaller
      .     “1/10″      – both attack time and release time 10 times smaller
      .   “Upsampl.”  – oversampling type selection
      .      “Easy”     – use simplified oversampling (as usual)
      .      “Norm.”    – use linear-phase oversampling (latency 344 samples)
    • Attack/release curves were reverted back to 0.2.155 version.


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