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    FFrum Acoustic Drum Kit


    In order to celebrate his first birthday, AudioThing has released FFrum, a free sample pack featuring 7 acoustic drum samples in 24 Bit WAV format and a Kontakt instrument.

    FFrum is a free drum kit library for Native Instrument Kontakt. This kit derives from a cheap custom made set used for the recordings of this video song.

    No high quality multi samples, no velocity layers, no Round Robin, just single hits and a custom Kontakt interface.

    The kit used consists in 16″x14″ custom made bass drum with Remo Emperor head, 14″x3,5″ Millennium steel snare drum, 8″x8″ Basix TomTom, 20″ Zildjian Scimitar Bronze ride cymbal and 14″ Zildjian Shimitar Bronze hi-hat.


    • 7 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
    • No multi samples
    • No velocity layers
    • No Round Robin
    • Size: 4 MB installed
    • Custom performance view


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