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    Audio Genetics Lab release Epic Epic free Kontakt instrument


    Audio Genetics Lab has released Epic Epic, a free Native Instruments Kontakt sound library.

    After a year of working on private contracts for composers,we knew that to celebrate a return to public products we would need something bigger,something better,something more epic than ever heard before.
    We went straight to the source.
    What could be more epic than the actual word “Epic”? This collection of percussion,ambiences,and effects has been crafted from emotional,real performances of the word “Epic”,redefining the sampling world and industry in two thunderous syllables. Feel the opening bellow of the “E”,the warm percussives of “p”,the crisp highs of the “i”,and the sharp snaps of the “c”in this one-of-a-kind performance instrument. Included for a limited time is the Extra-Special Extended Library patch which includes additional articulations,such as “Huge”,“Boom”,and more.


    • Epic Epic –Extra Special Extended Library : The extended library features advanced Epic articulations such as “Huge”,“Boom”,and more. When your track just needs that little extra bit of punch and impact,this is what you need to tidy up all that intricate orchestration that would otherwise be heard on the downbeat.
    • Evil Epic Woodland Dwarf Choir :Consume the spirits of the forgotten ancient woodland dwarf choir.  This patch offers our ancient choir’s voices proudly bellowing “Epic”in all of their stout glory.
    • Check My Epic Pulse :What’s more epic than the word “Epic”?  How about hearing it processed and looped in 16th notes? Keep the modwheel on the low side for some moody pulsing.  Crank it up to drive away.
    • Epicopalypse : An Epic Boom of low end if ever there was one.  If there were such a thing,this would be the Epic Casa. Since it is made entirely from the spoken word “Epic”,it can’t get much more epic than that.
    • Epic Angel Song Pad Sustains MW : If celestial beings can throw lightning bolts,flood the planet,and fly,you know they sing in an EPIC choir.
    • Funking Epic: Last patch…kick back…and go Epic on that funk.  A little bit like a twisted up clavinet. Epic Phaser finds its home.


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