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    Kong Loop Pack 01- 40 Chinese percussions loops


    Kong Loop Pack 01 is a free pack released by Kong Audio which contains 40 Chinese percussions loops in 24 Bit WAV format.

    All files here are pHATmatik-ready (for both the pro and free version), whilst all files can also be used in any other editor and be treated as normal WAV.

    Please note that there are a few tricks you can use if you wish to slow down the loop, e.g., you can lower the pitch, and you may also add some reverb to smooth out the gaps. 

    Don’t worry about pHATmatik, which by the way is a VST from Izotope and allows to manipulate a sample/ loop by slicing it, adding effects etc. You won’t need it, these files are usual WAV files. Simply load these into your FL Studio.

    All loops are free to use in both commercial and personal projects, but selling, distributing, using individual samples in a multimedia CD, a game machine, or a toy, etc is strictly prohibited. A clear license is available with this pack.

    The BPM range is from 140 to 180, but you can stretch them easily in FL Studio. I strongly recommend this pack, I already found a great use in urban music, hip hop etc for it.

    To download this pack please scroll down the freebies page from Kong Audio. Down in the left press Kong Loop Pack 01 link. Enjoy!


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