DJ Quartzlocker has released Distorted TR-505 drum kit, a free sample pack containing 23 distorted drum samples recorded from Roland TR-505 thru a Boss Metal Zone distortion-pedal.

This one is for the producers amongst you. Paris-based hardcore-artist DJ Quartzlocker from France was kind enough to provide a very special contribution to the HardtraX blog in form of a free sample-package!

DJ Quartzlocker created a small but fine kit of one-shot samples by hooking up his Roland TR-505 drum-machine to a Boss Metal Zone distortion-pedal. The result is a dirty, sick, distorted kit of very useful samples that do not sound much like the drums that you originally get out of Roland’s normally rather basic and plain-sounding machine.

This pack is perfect for creating drum patterns for industrial hardcore, hardtekkno etc.


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