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    Free Beatbox Drum Kit by Hardballs Records


    Hardball Records has released Beatbox Drum Kit, a free sample pack featuring processed beatbox sounds in 24 bit Mono WAV format.

    Beatboxing is very popular last days so i’ve got the idea to create some beatbox drum kit. I think to myself: all i need is adjust the microphone, clean up the throat and reproduce some of my favorite drum loops ! After five minutes record session i’m select the best sounds, carefully chop them out and EQ’ing each of them separately. I’ve been surprised how great sound some of them and think you will have fun programming drums with this mouth – drum kit.

    This kit is available in NI Kontakt / Kompakt, EXS24 patches and WAV formats. For FL Studio, please choose the last one download, the WAV.

    Download: Free Beatbox Drum Kit by Hardballs Records (link is inactive, if you have this sample pack, please contact us.)

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