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    285 Real-World Drum Samples & Loops


    MusicRadar has released 285 free real-world drum samples, a collection of samples and loops- sounds recorded from various places and situations in everyday life.

    Continuing last week’s ‘found sound’ theme, our latest SampleRadar focuses on rhythmic hits and loops that have been crafted by samples that were captured in everyday life.

    It’s time to forget about kicks, snares and hi-hats and open your mind to the possibility of using a baby’s rattle, food mixer or tin lid sound to generate your beats.

    All samples are royalty free- this meaning you’re free to use them in personal and comercial productions. The pack is 93 MB ZIP, all samples are in 24 Bit WAV format. Great use for adding background and substance to your music projects.


    HighLife Samples

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