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    The Tiger VSTi


    HG Fortune has released The Tiger Synthesizer, a virtual instrument in pro and free versions.

    The Tiger Synth is a highly versatile and flexible synthesizer being capable of complex multilayered sounds with some specific extras from the Aux oscillators, as well as groovy rhythmic sounds you would hardly expect from a synth, and, if you want, fairly typical synth sounds (brass, bass, strings PPG, DX, lead etc.).

    There are a lot of modulation options, and, even more there is an easy way to integrate ‘hardwired’ controllers like joysticks, touchpads or ribbons via the 4 UCC knobs (User assignable MIDI CC) which can be selected as mod sources too. Alongside with Aftertouch, Velocity and Modwheel you have many options for realtime interaction at performing live

    Two 16 step Rhythmic Pattern Gators (RPG) and a 16 Step Modulator can turn pads into complex rhythmic sounds. While two Aux oscillators can add some additional spacey sounds (a little like with Altair 4), or, can be used as mod source for a wide range of Amplitude Modulation. Even more both usages are mixable.
    There is a lot under the hood of The Tiger to enhance Your creativity!

    The freeware version has 3 voices, no Lazy, 256 patches and SF2 load only for Osc 2 section B.


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