ToneBoosters has released TB OmniSone, a free extended panning and spatial diffusion processor for flexible processing of spatial sound source attributes.

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TB OmniSone is a zero-latency VST plugin to (re-)pan sound sources, even outside the loudspeaker base. It also allows for increasing the perceived ‘width’ or spatial extent, and depending on the spectral content, may allow to subtly modify the perceived height of a source. Simply position the handles to change the desired position of each input signal, and use the mouse wheel to modify the spatial width.
Please note that TB OmniSone is still in an experimental phase and the results and effectiveness of TB OmniSone will depend on the (spectral) properties of the audio signals, the employed loudspeaker setup, and the anthropometric properties of the listener. Best results are obtained with high-quality loudspeakers placed at +/- 30 degrees as seen from the listener position.


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