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    SFX Collection 02 Free- Cinematic, SFX & Transition Samples


    Wave Alchemy has released SFX Collection 02 Free, a demo pack containing 162 MB (ZIP) of  SFX, cinematic etc samples extracted from their commercial pack which weights more than 2 GB.

    We are extremely excited to present SFX Collection 02, an epic collection of next-generation sound effects, cinematic trailer tools and cutting-edge transitional FX elements…

    SFX Collection 02 pushes the boundaries of modern sound design, combining creative digital effects processing, granular re-synthesis and intricate automation with sought after analogue synths, legendary effects devices and unique live field recordings.
    Expect to find a versatile selection of twisted impacts and slams, huge risers and intense builds, sublime falls and breakdown FX as well as complex transitional elements and much more. SFX Collection 02 is an essential tool for cutting-edge dance music production, cinematic sound design and game audio.

    SFX Collection 02 (2.1 GB)
    Download the free pack (162 MB)

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