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    Rubbadub VST


    ++Audio released Rubbadub, a free VST delay effect plug-in designed with versatility in mind. Rubbadub is for Windows and Mac.

    As a dub delay, it can be tempo synced and offers a state variable filter in the feedback line. At the lowest extremes of delay line lengths, Rubbadub becomes a through-zero flanger with a variety of modulation options. Time is split up into three modes (H, M, L) to provide detailed control over delay time, and even finer control is possible with the command key. When modulation is pushed to the limit your sound transforms into a rubbery gelatinous substance that defies description.

    Rubbadub is available for free download via ++Audio’s site. There are available also Smear, a granulation effect and CrazyVerb- split-spectrum reverb, both free.


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