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    Roland Freeborn O’Neill Millar Kit


    Sub Continental Dub has released Roland Freeborn O’Neill Millar kit, a free sample pack featuring 21 acoustic drum samples in 24 Bit WAV format.

    We then recorded drum loops in tempos ranging from 70-160bmp all to click. At times I would set up the spare snares and cymbals we had in the studio to play along with Luke in a percussive role and we achieved some amazing polyrhythms going like this. When we had shitloads of loops I jumped on the Grand Piano and we got pissed and jammed for hours. We came up with some amazing stuff and some not so amazing stuff that Sofie Loizou and I are currently compiling as part or our new collaborative project soon to be announced.

    These one hits they can be used for layering and fattening up existing acoustic drums or they will be great for electronic production. A few of the hits feature on the new Westernsynthetics album I recorded while in Berlin and have just finished mixing.

    These royalty free one-shot acoustic drum samples are available for download on Freesound, you can choose to download the sounnds one by one or bulk download, in this case you must create a free account.


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