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    ReasonableDistortion VST


    Tatsuya Kato has released ReasonableDistortion, a free distortion VST effect plugin for Windows OS.


    • Type:

     You can choice type of distortion from following four options.
       Standard distortion sound having texture as we say transistor’s saturation.
       You can make Metal or Electro tune to distort electric guitars or drums,
       or synthesizers sound.
       Overdrive sound simulating the vacuum tube’s saturation.
       You can obtain energetic artifact of electric guitars and brass and vocals.
       Distortion having crinkle and digital bit texture.
       This type is suitable for getting distortion as special effect.
       Enigmatic textured effect which like convert every musical tone
       to the sound of running water.
       This type is suitable for making the sound effects or the one-shot striking
       sound located in your tune.

    • Gain:

     Setting the strength of distortion.
     To sliding to right, the amplitude is raising and distorted more strongly.

    • Edge:

     Setting the sharpness of distortion.
     More mild texture is avalable to sliding the more left, or more stonely
     texture to sliding the more right.
     The effect of this parameter is diffrent for each Type,
     please try to variety of settings.

    • Bias:

     Configuring asymmetric diversity(+, -) of distortion.
     More symmetric distortion is produced to sliding the more left,
     or more asymmetric to sliding the more right.
     Tipically asymmetric distortion produces even-ordered overtones ascendancy,
     tend to warmer sound.

    •  Master:

     Adjusting the final gain after distortion process.


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