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    Genie Sample Pack


    Mutationonline has released Genie Sample Pack, a free set of one shot samples and loops for dubstep, liquid and dnb music. These samples are extracted from the track Genie by XenonCodec:

    ‘Genie’ – Haunting Celtic Vocals, crystal clear beats and thumping driving bass with mystic overtones. ‘Genie re-edit’ – The re-edit (provided by LiquidEDGE & Spawn) is a more dj friendly roller with a re worked bass line and arrangement.

    The pack contains 22 samples in 16 Bit WAV format: percussions, snares, kicks, vocals, wobble basses, pads etc.
    In order to download this pack you must create a free account to gain access to the free section. It takes a minute, fill a simple form and confirm via your e-mail.

    There are also available for free download 9 tracks in MP3 format, genres: dubstep, dnb and breakbeat.


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