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    Foley/ Sound Design Samples


    ThunderVIP has released Foley/ Sound Design Samples, a free set of various domestic sounds in 24 Bit WAV format.


    • 16 Fabric Belt whooshes
    • 16 Leather Belt whooshes
    • 14 Plaster Board whooshes
    • 11 Lanyard whooshes
    • 48 Kitchen Knife scrapes and impacts.
    • 39 Large Saucepan scrapes and impacts.
    • 20 Medium Saucepan scrapes and impacts.
    • 38 Hair Trimmer + various object samples.
    • 26 Aerosol samples.
    • 18 Hand wound drill samples.
    • 39 Hand wound screwdriver samples.
    • 27 Hand wound torch samples.

    All samples are royalty free, the only limitations are that you can not sell them or use this sounds in commercial plugin releases.


    HighLife Samples

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    1. A little more info on the usage please? You can’t sell them or include them in a commercial plugin release. Could they be edited and used in sound design, then packaged into a commercial release, e.g. for tv, radio or a game?

      Nice to see this sort of thing being shared though. Hard to find good foley when you’re short on time.

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