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    The deputy Mark II VSTi


    full bucket music has released The deputy Mark II, a free virtual instrument for Windows OS.
    The deputy Mark II is a replica of the 70′s string machine instruments.

    Main features:

    • Polyphonic string/synthesizer (Poly) section and monophonic synthesizer (Mono) section
    • Built-in Ensemble and Phaser effects
    • Flexible keyboard assignment for Poly and Mono section
    • Poly section:
      • Up to 61 voices polyphony
      • Two band-limited frequency divider-driven oscillator banks
      • Sawtooth and PWM waveforms
      • 2-pole multi-mode filter and ADS envelope per voice
      • Global ADSR envelope for paraphonic modulation
      • Resonator bank
    • Mono section:
      • Single VCO plus suboscillator and noise
      • 4-pole lowpass filter
      • ADSR envelope and LFO
      • Output of Poly section can be send to filter input
    • Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio’s V-Machine™ 


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