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    CS4 VST- channel strip effect plugin


    Terry West has released CS4, a free 4-band mastering channel strip effect plugin for Windows platform. This is the four bands edition of the CS12M VST equalizer plugin.


    • Bypass.
    • EQ Bypass.
    • In-Output gain.
    • 4 graphic bands.
    • 17 Q wide settings.
    • Eq Mix (dry~wet).
    • Punch & Body modes.
    • NY compressor Solo + Motown eq.
    • Magnetic tape saturator.
    • 40K Aero enhancer.
    • Lopass/hipass filters.
    • CrossTalk emulation (2 models)
    • Monoize function.
    • Clarity function (2 presets).
    • EQ 12-10-8-6 dB switch.
    • Invert output switch.
    • Led output meters with peak leds.
    • Peak indicators for bands.
    • Input headroom leds (green/red).
    • Digital clock.
    • Tooltips.
    • 22 presets.


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