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    Charlatan VSTi updated to version 1.1.4


    BlauKraut has released an updated version fo Charlatan, an already famous freeware VSTi synth plugin for Windows OS.

    In parallel to these maintenance updates, I’ve been working on a complete rewrite of the synth engine using hand-optimized SSE code. Especially with polyphonic patches, this reduces CPU usage by more than 60% ! I’d say the rewrite is ~80% completed and I don’t expect serious issues for the remaining 20%. However, due to the nature of such large scale code rewrite, this needs extensive testing to avoid regressions.

    Charlatan v1.1.4 features:

    • Revision of the 4-pole ladder filter implementation. Placement of nonlinearities as in the original circuit.
    • New switch 2OCT for Osc2: double detune range (+/-2 octaves).
    • 90 degree phase shift of Osc2 square wave relative to Osc1 (only when sync is inactive). Emulates behavior of sub-oscs of Roland synths.
    • If Osc1 is set to noise, the ring mod input from Osc1 is now the rectangle signal rather than noise.
    • Reduced max. filter key tracking from 200% to 100%..
    • LFO delay parameter was completely hosed (10x the displayed value!) Fixed.
    • Handle LFO delay time on samplerate change. Fixed.
    • Doubled max. LFO delay time (10s -> 20s). Fixed.
    • Additional Minor tweaks and fixes.


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