BlauKraut has released an updated version fo Charlatan, an already famous freeware VSTi synth plugin for Windows OS.

In parallel to these maintenance updates, I’ve been working on a complete rewrite of the synth engine using hand-optimized SSE code. Especially with polyphonic patches, this reduces CPU usage by more than 60% ! I’d say the rewrite is ~80% completed and I don’t expect serious issues for the remaining 20%. However, due to the nature of such large scale code rewrite, this needs extensive testing to avoid regressions.

Charlatan v1.1.4 features:

  • Revision of the 4-pole ladder filter implementation. Placement of nonlinearities as in the original circuit.
  • New switch 2OCT for Osc2: double detune range (+/-2 octaves).
  • 90 degree phase shift of Osc2 square wave relative to Osc1 (only when sync is inactive). Emulates behavior of sub-oscs of Roland synths.
  • If Osc1 is set to noise, the ring mod input from Osc1 is now the rectangle signal rather than noise.
  • Reduced max. filter key tracking from 200% to 100%..
  • LFO delay parameter was completely hosed (10x the displayed value!) Fixed.
  • Handle LFO delay time on samplerate change. Fixed.
  • Doubled max. LFO delay time (10s -> 20s). Fixed.
  • Additional Minor tweaks and fixes.


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