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    Subaqueous Music Releases Arabic and Tribal Rhythm Pack – 102 Free MIDI Files


    Subaqueous Music has released Arabic and Tribal Rhythm, a pack featuring 102 free MIDI ethnic rhythms labelled and organized with their traditional names.

    The library is a pack of traditional rhythms used in lot of Arabic music and Tabla. The rhythms are used with tabla and dumbek as well as other drums.

    I wrote out the rhythms as midi and collected them all together. This pack has 102 rhythms. Since it is all MIDI files it can be used with any DAW. They are all organized with there traditional names. Using this as a bases for your drum beats you can create some complex and unique patterns. It’s a free download when you join the mailing list below.

    Hope you find this as a useful resource in your music production as well.

    In order to download the free MIDI files, a valid email address is required. If you like the pack, you can donate to author.

    More info & download link:

    Free Arabic and Tribal Rhythm Midi Pack

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