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    Temperature VST


    RobotPlanet has released Temperature VST, a ‘super simple equalizer’ effect plugin for Windows.

    Looking for a 3 dB/oct filter? Or even a 1 dB/oct filter? Look no further! This VST is like the old “tone control” seen on many 70s and 80s tape recorders, but one that tilts the entire frequency spectrum in a very precise and linear fashion.

    A value of -10 dB will turn white noise into pink noise, and -20 will give you something that is very close to a RIAA curve. Positive numbers will increase the highs and attenuate the lows. It also comes with an optional DC remover, a 6dB/oct highpass filter that goes from 10 to 1000 Hz. The plug-in has been tested at 44100 and 96000 Hz samplerate, but should work at other rates as well.

    Temperature VST is available as freeware on Robot Planet.


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