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    Lite Piano Free SFZ


    Mildon Studios has released Lite Piano Free, a free version of their Lite Piano SFZ- a piano instrument which can be used with a SFZ player. There are plenty of free SFZ players on net. SFZ players are similar to soundfont players, they can be installed like an ordinary VST instrument into your DAW of choice, in our case- FL Studio.

    It features an expressive set of high-quality 16-bit samples compressed to OGG format (only 18MB). It’s really tiny, but still sounds awesome. Optionally, for the price of a ‘tall’ Starbucks Frappe ($3) you can buy the full-quality WAV set (95MB). We assure you that the coffee money will be used only for the greater good. How about a cup eh?

    Best free options available to use properly this piano instrument are:

    More info: Mildon Studios

    HighLife Samples

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