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    LimitX VST Limiter and BoostX VST Compressor


    Direct Approach (Bill Wall) has set free LimitX and BoostX, two VST effect plugins for Windows.

    LimitX is a free VST limiter plugin for mixing and mastering with transparent limiting, zero latency and low CPU usage.


    • Range extended to 6db, 64 bit precission, internal dither.
    • 6db extended range is like getting an extra bit of range!
    • Totally Transparent Mastering quality limiter.
    • Prevents digital “overs”, or clipping! Gives you 6.0db additional range!
    • Completely automatic operation.
    • No latency, and very light CPU load.

    Download LimitX
    BoostX is a free VST compression plugin with zero latency and low CPU usage.


    • Extended range to +9.5db, 64bit internal precision, internal dither
    • Transparent upward-compressor, also known as parallel compression, based on the Non-Linear Sample Remapping technology developed for LimitX™.
    • As a bonus, BoostX™ also provides limiting!

    Download BoostX

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