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    Mattias Fridell’s Free Sample Pack


    Mattias Fridell has released a free sample pack featuring sounds from his personal archive plus samples used in his projects.
    The collection is split in 9 folders: bottom loops, chords and stabs, elements, hi hats, kicks, noise and dirt, percussion, various tools and xtra.There are also two demo tracks in MP3 format.

    Half of the samples are taken from various projects and the other half is specially created for this mini package and those sounds have never been included in my productions.

    The samples are peaking at approx -4dB to give you some headroom for further processing with the sounds (unlike most commercial sample packs where all samples are heavily processed at 0dB and give you no real room to process the samples further). The samples are processed with several effects and synthesis to give them a unique character suitable for all kinds of electronic music really though the main focus for me has been Techno in various shapes.

    Show some love by visiting and following him on Soundcloud.

    HighLife Samples

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