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    dBVU VST – free VU meter


    Dustin Ralston from Sleepy-Time Records has released an updated version of dBVU- a gain/ balance/ VU meter VST plugin for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

    I couldn’t sleep tonight so I did some behind-the-scenes maintenance on dBVU. Nothing very noteworthy.. Just some code organization and some better handling of denormals in the meter code. I also moved some less important processes out of the sample loop and into the block.


    • VU Needle Calibration: 0dBVU = -20dBFS (Default). Adjustable setting between -20 and -12dBFS;
    • VU Meter Range: -20dB to +3dB;
    • Response Time: 300ms with ~1% overshoot;
    • Clip LED Calibration: 0dBFS. LED’s will glow as peak levels approach 0dBFS;
    • Gain Control: -20dB to +20dB;
    • Balance Control: -100% to 100% (Left to Right);
    • Metering Modes: User-selectable Left (L), Right (R), and Stereo. Average (A) modes.

    Download: dBVU VST – free VU meter

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