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    basiQ VST


    Kuassa has released basiQ- a free 3-band equalizer plugin effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.
    The engine is modeled after a classic baxandall equalizer, well known for its smooth shelves and natural-sounding responses, similar to the tone control on a hi-fi systems.

    This straightforward equalizer are well-suited for mixing or mastering purpose although the neutral characteristic of basiQ are more suitable as a ‘sweetening‘ device or giving some transparent ‘tilt‘ to your mix rather than a surgical device, best paired on master output with Kratos Maximizer, another audio processing plugin from Kuassa, Inc.

    Plugin Features:

    • FREE!
    • Simple tone control with large Low, Mid, and High knobs
    • Preset Management with 12 preset slot within a single bank
    • Mono and Stereo applicable.
    • Supports up to 96 kHz Sample Rate.
    • Compact and straightforward user interface.


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