Plex 2 was previously distributed by Steinberg as a commercial product. Now it is freeware and is re-released by Wolfgang Palm with updated preset banks, a new manual. Also a native x64 (64-bit) version for Windows is available for download.

I downloaded it and I can say that it deserves those 167 MB- this is the ‘weight’ the plugin has compressed: stunning factory presets, unusual feeling and great results. Perfect for creatins full and rich ‘natural’ sounding pads.
You will find it very easy to use, also it works great with FL Studio.

Plex is a “Restructuring Synthesizer”. The original sound is split into four components, lower spectrum, higher spectrum, filter characteristics and amplitude envelope, using a new audio analysis technique. Each component can be replaced and combined with other elements. The result is a thrillingly “natural” sound.