Sonokinetic Sampling is offering via Facebook a great freeware pack until this monday (The Cyber Monday).

90% OFF SEKTOR Virtual Synth by Initial Audio

-Full version download of the library “Carillon”
-“Felt Force One” library selections. 4 full monolite patches with large ensemble epic percussion performance and snare drum performances
-“Sultan Strings” Apple Loops of all the Hicaz style performances
-Including all documentation

Files: Kontakt, aif/wave (44.1kHz/24Bit)& Apple loops
(total >1000 samples)
Archive size: 750MB rar (unarchived: 1,27GB)
Time limited offer: From *Black Friday up to Cyber Monday 2011

P.S. If the Mediafire link is unavailable expand the comments on their Facebook page and you’ll find another link for the samples.


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