Kong Audio‘s ChineeGuZheng Classic, a traditional chinese virtual instrument is free now!

ChineeGuZheng Classic has an extensive sampleset which contains various types of tremolo, slide, glissando, and strumming. It is the predecessor of the brand new ChineeGuZheng II.

ChineeGuZheng Classic is now freeware. It’s the complete version with all the samplesets from the previously commercial version.

One unique feature that sets ChineeGuZheng Classic apart from other GuZheng libraries out there, is that it was performed using GuQin’s techniques. This subtle yet distinctive difference makes ChineeGuZheng Classic a collector’s item to any GuZheng/GuQin lovers!

You will have to download both the main program installer (4.2 MB) and the soundbank (99.1 MB). Get now this great instrument!


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