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    Free Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Kit


    Hardballs Records has released Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Kit, a free sample pack filled with drum sounds from the vintage Yamaha PSS-790.

    “Listen to this”, said one of my composer friends, and then I heard a childish song with the sound of the 80’s – a sound so familiar and so close to my heart. The melody and arrangement had a light hint of retro and synth-pop, and I was especially interested in the powerful, lo-fi percussions.
    I found out that the song was written using the Yamaha PSS-790, which came out at the end of the 1980’s, surprisingly large for a toy synth, with mini-keys, a wide range of sounds and an excellent design in tune with the spirit of the 80’s.

    The pack is 11.6 MB extracted and contains 51 samples in 44.1 khz 24 bit stereo Aiff and Kontakt formats.

    Download: Free Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Kit

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